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KlingonCal app guide
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Welcome to KlingonCal!

Using KlingonCal is easy. Note that the app is really two apps: one for your iPhone, and one for your Apple Watch if you have one. You can use both iPhone and Watch versions independently of each other. Qupla!

KlingonCal for the iPhone


After installing the app on your iPhone, you can then install the KlingonCal widget based on your preferences. The app provides small and medium widget sizes. Please follow Apple’s widget installation instructions for more information on managing your iOS 14 widgets.


You can access the KlingonCal app by tapping on the KlingonCal widget or the KlingonCal icon, or swiping to it using the iPhone’s app navigation functionality if the app is already running.


The main screen has an option to turn English text on and off. When turned on, the date values shown using Klingon characters will also be displayed using English characters as well. You will see a preview of what your widget will look like in the widget preview areas below the button.


You can also toggle displaying the Klingon name of the day of the week by turning the “Show day of week” option on or off. Again, you will see a preview of what your widget will look like in the widget preview areas below.


The “Date calculator” button will open a new menu allowing you to select an Earth date. The area under the calendar will display the Kronos-equivalent day and date for the selected Earth date. The “Qupla’” button will take you back to the main screen. If you don’t know what  “Qupla’” means, you have some catch-up viewing to do!


The “Acknowledgments” button will display a screen listing acknowledgments and links to the the resources used in creating the KlingonCal app. 


There is also a link at the bottom of the screen to online instructions for the app. Again, the “Qupla’” button will take you back to the main screen. 

KlingonCal for the Apple Watch


On the Apple Watch, you can access the KlingonCal app by tapping on the app icon on the Watch home screen, or on a KlingonCal complication once you have installed one.  Please follow Apple’s guide for changing your Watch face here. Note that on the Watch, selecting a graphics-capable complication style is required to display Klingon characters.


The main “Options” screen on the Watch app has a single option to turn English text on or off on complications that support displaying Klingon characters. The complication for the X-LARGE Watch face)has enough room to display the date information using both Klingon and English characters just like the iPhone widget. All of the other complication will display only English characters if the “Show English text” option is on.


From the “Options” screen, you can swipe left to navigate to the “Acknowledgments” screen. This screen will have the same information as the “Acknowledgments” screen on the iPhone version of the app, but will not have links to the various resources due to the Watch’s more limited capabilities. The “Qupla’” button will take you back to the main screen, or you can simply swipe left to go back to the options menu, or press the Digital Crown to navigate back to your Watch face.

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