Welcome to Clicker!


This Apple Watch app runs independently of the iPhone and uses the watch’s built-in speaker and motion sensors to create a hands-free pet training clicker.  The app was created with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind so that your training tool never gets in the way of the training.  Clicker has three menus that control its operation which can be accessed with horizontal swipes:


The app launches into the “Clicker” menu.  If you prefer to use the app using touch instead of motion gestures, the "Play click" button will play the currently selected sound.

The "Enable gestures" button will turn motion-based gestures on.

Finally, tapping on the speaker icon will allow you to control click volume.  In most situations, you will probably need to maximize volume to ensure a level that you and your pet can hear.  Note that the volume of the speaker in the Watch is limited by the physical size of the device, and a very very small speaker can't defy the laws of physics.  There may be situations where the maximum volume of the Watch's speaker is simply not enough in some situations.


You can also select “Alto” or “Baro” to keep the app working in only that mode.




The Sounds menu allows you to select your desired clicker sound.  Currently, these are clicker from common plastic and brass clickers, and a finger snap.



The Gestures menu allows you to select the gesture or gestures that will activate playing the clicker sound. The two gestures are "Flick wrist" referring to a quick twist of the wrist with your forearm extended, and "Pump arm", referring to a single up-down motion of your forearm with your forearm extended.

You can enabled each of these gestures independently or in combination.  If you turn both off, the app will not detect any motion-based gestures even if "Enable gestures" is on.

Apple Watch Complications


The app includes support for a variety of complications to provide single-tap access to the Clicker app straight from your main watch display.  When you need the Clicker, it can be right at your fingertips.

Clicker supports most of the small Watch complications to conserve screen real estate while enabling fast access.  The Clicker complications simply say "Clicker (tap)"