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BaroMap Privacy Policy

At bog bridges, we are strong advocates of data privacy and security.


The BaroMap app uses Apple’s highly secure iCloud infrastructure for all cloud-based data storage. 


BaroMap does not ask for, collect, or store any PII (personally identifiable information) with the sole exception of user location data.


Location data is needed to calculate sea-level-adjusted barometric pressure, to provide useful location information in the daily snapshots via the optional history feature, and to be able to see approximate anonymized locations of other users’ barometric pressure readings on the crowd-sourced map feature.

Data used for the app's map functionality is stored in an app-specific public iCloud database. This allows every user to see other users’ barometric pressure readings via the app’s access to the shared data in this database.

The data stored in the app’s map database is anonymous and does not include, ask for, or have access to user names, addresses, email, or similar personally identifiable information. The user location data stored for each user in this database is an anonymized approximation of a user’s location. Multiple miles of accuracy are permanently removed from location data in this database before it is stored. Barometric pressure does not tend to vary over relatively short distances, so the app's location anonymization allows providing useful location-based barometric pressure information without revealing or storing exact user locations.

The app provides data management capabilities to allow users to download or permanently delete their map-related data or their daily snapshot history data. Files are downloaded as human-readable CSV files into the app's BaroMap folder in the users private iCloud Drive which is under the user’s exclusive control.

If you have additional questions or require more information about this Privacy Policy, please contact us through email at


By using the BaroMap app, you hereby consent to this Privacy Policy and agree to its Terms and Conditions.

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