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Alti-Barometer is an app for the Apple Watch and iPhone that uses the device’s barometric pressure sensor to detect weather changes and display your altitude. Alti-Barometer can run independently on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or in combination. It supports all Watch complication styles as well as iOS 14 widgets. The app will display a continuous 24-hour log of altitude and barometric pressure, and allows you to graphically explore altitude and barometric trends and data. It's a fun and informative way to stay connected to the physical world around you.

Supports Apple Watch Series 3 and higher, and iPhone Series 6 and higher

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KlingonCal is a simple and fun app for your iPhone and Apple Watch. The app shows you today’s date on the Klingon home world of Kronos (Q'onoS) using English or Klingon characters. The iPhone app includes a date calculator that lasts you determine the Kronos-equivalent dates for any selected Earth date. KlingonCal supports iOS 14 widgets, and all Watch complications.





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