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Alti-Barometer is a stand-alone Apple Watch app that uses your watch's barometric pressure sensor to track your altitude or weather-related barometric pressure changes. The app doesn't need an Internet connection, and is the perfect companion for back-country trips. While on your wrist, Alti-Barometer will keep a log of your altitude or barometric conditions, and keep you updated using your watch's main display to show weather conditions, altitude, or climb rate at a glance. Did you ever wonder just how fast that elevator was going? Or what the weather was going to be when camping? Or just how much under sea level that tunnel was?  Alti-Barometer has your answer.

For Apple Watch Series 3 and higher

Clicker was designed to give you a clicker pet training option that you always have with you. Clicker training is very effective, but it’s so easy to forget or misplace the clicker device and miss the moment for a training opportunity. There are clicker apps available for the phone, but now you have to juggle your phone in your hand while also doing the training activity. Clicker for the Apple Watch gives you a hand-free solution that’s always with you. In addition to touch activation, it offers gesture-based operation to keep your hands free for working with your pet. A simple flick or bump of your wrist will activate the clicker sound of your choice.



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