Unique apps for your watch and phone.

Alti-Barometer is an innovative iPhone and Apple Watch app that lets you continuously track barometric pressure and altitude.

AltiBarometer keeps you up to date by displaying live data on Watch complications and iOS widgets, and lets you interactively explore beautiful graphs of altitude and barometric trends over the past 24 hours.

And Alti‑Barometer's exclusive BaroTrak feature maintains down-to-the-second barometric pressure accuracy despite changes in altitude. No one else even comes close.

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PWS Connect lets personal weather station owners continuously and effortlessly keep track of changing conditions. The app maintains a 24-hour log that is continuously updated automatically. PWS Connect displays trends for barometric pressure, temperature, wind, and humidity with beautiful, informative, and fully interactive graphs on your iPhone and Apple Watch. The app provides notifications and alerts for conditions such as high or low temperatures, pressure changes, and precipitation. PWS Connect supports iPhone widgets and all Apple Watch complications to keep you up to date on weather conditions at a glance. The app supports Weather Underground, Davis WeatherLink, and Aeris Weather/PWS Weather networks. Intuitive and powerful, PWS Connect is the weather station app designed by weather aficionados for weather aficionados.

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KlingonCal is a fun app for your iPhone and Apple Watch. It shows you today’s date on the Klingon home world of Kronos (Q'onoS) using English or Klingon characters. The iPhone app includes a date calculator that displays the Kronos-equivalent dates for any selected Earth date. KlingonCal supports iOS 14 widgets, and all Watch complications.


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