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WeatheryWhere uses NOAA's National Weather Service's data service to show you interactive weather graphs and forecasts from thousands of weather stations across the globe. In addition to displaying hourly weather data and trends for the last five days, WeatheryWhere also displays forecasts and current conditions using the international METAR and TAF weather reporting standards used for aviation. You can search for a weather station near you using the app's interactive station map, or you can have the app automatically find the weather station nearest you. WeatheryWhere includes notifications to alert you of weather condition changes such as wind above a specified speed, or thunderstorms in a station's vicinity.

You can create a list of weather stations of interest for quick access. WeatheryWhere maintains and automatically updates current forecasts for the stations in your station list so you can always see what's happening where.


With the Premium Features add-on, WeatheryWhere provides full Watch complication and iPhone widget support including continuous, automatic updates so you can always see up-to-date weather data at a glance. The Watch app also has fully-interactive graphs giving you complete access to rich weather station data on your wrist.


And as with other apps from bog bridges, WeatheryWhere is 100% ad-free.


If you love weather and want to see beautifully-rendered weather and forecast data from professionally-run weather stations wherever you are, WeatheryWhere is for you!

WeatheryWhere weather station iPhone app
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WeatheryWhere weather station iPhone app

Alti-Barometer Pro brings exciting innovations to mobile barometric pressure and altitude tracking.

live Watch complications and iOS widgets keep you up to date with barometric and altitude trends at a glance. The crowdsourcing BaroMap feature displays users' pressure trends on an interactive map. Beautiful, fully interactive graphs let you explore your data. And storm alerts let you know if there's a big change in pressure happening.

And only Alti‑Barometer Pro's exclusive BaroTrak algorithms let you maintain consistent, continuous barometric pressure accuracy even when you're on the go, with minimal use of GPS to maximize battery life, and no Internet required. All ad-free.

For true mobile pressure monitoring, nothing else even comes close.

Watch app barometric pressure complication
Watch app barometer app graph
Watch app altimeter barometer complication
Apple Watch barometer complication
Apple Watch barometer complication
Apple Watch barometer complication

Full-featured live watch complication and interactive graphs

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PWS Connect lets personal weather station owners effortlessly keep track of changing conditions. Continuously updating automatically, the app displays trends for barometric pressure, temperature, wind, and humidity with beautiful, fully interactive graphs on your iPhone and Apple Watch. The app provides notifications and alerts for conditions such as high or low temperatures, pressure changes, and precipitation. PWS Connect supports iPhone widgets and all Apple Watch complications with live data to keep you up to date on weather conditions at a glance. The ad-free app supports Weather Underground, Davis WeatherLink, Ambient Weather, and Aeris Weather/PWS Weather networks. Intuitive and powerful, PWS Connect is the weather station app designed by weather aficionados for weather aficionados.

PWS weather station Watch complication
PWS weather station Watch complication
PWS weather station Watch app
PWS weather station app
PWS weather station app



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